Champaign Unit 4 Educational Technology Conference 2014

For those of you that dig the cross-section of Education and Technology (Educational Technology, aka EdTech), Stephanie Stuart sent out a notice for The Unit 4 CU EdTech Conference to be held in August. I find the whole thing fascinating – I gotta go look up what they did last year. 🙂


From Stephanie Stuart:

The Champaign Unit 4 Educational Technology Department is excited to announce the Champaign Unit 4 Educational Technology Conference 2014. Building from the success of our SMART Con last year, the CU4 Tech Con 2014 will focus on a wide variety of best practices in technology throughout education. Join educators from around the state in this low-cost, high energy learning and networking experience.

Highlights include:

  • Five session times allow you to customize a learning experience that allows you to personalize PD
  • Sessions created by educators, for educators and connected to national technology standards (ISTE Standards for Teachers and Students)
  • Over 60 sessions last year and even more expected this year – differentiated by grade level and content area
  • Topics incorporating a focus on common core and use of technology to improve instruction and assessment
  • Time to reflect, network, and plan for the new school year

All the info can be found here:


For more information, please feel free to reach out to Educational Technology Director David Hohman or our team of Educational Technology Coaches, who are copied on this message.

Stephanie Stuart

Community Relations Coordinator

Champaign Unit #4 School District



PS – Just a reminder; Dave Hohman and Matt Sly will be presenting on EdTech and Google App for Kids tomorrow (Thursday) at Carrie Busey for the PTA Council.

No Child Held Back

Victor Rivero recently wrote an EdTech article about moving away from NCLB. Interesting timing, eh?


So this is just a little strange for me. I feel like reflects a lot of the conversations that I have already been having. Except these guys take it to the next level and bring in people who know what they are talking about. The major downside is that I don’t see any conversations on the website. I see “Join the conversation”, but no conversation. It’s very much like walking into the Grand Opening of a store and all the shelves are bare. I see “Take action” but no actionable steps to be taken.


Here is another strange thing. Read the rest of this entry »

STEM and Technology in Education

I have been following EdTech, and a recent article caught my attention. When I dug deeper into the infographic, I started to wonder. Than to question. And finally I had to type up my thoughts. I’ll not repeat here what I wrote there. But basically, “Why the focus on STEM?” Is that really what we want?

I hear Dr. Bob Malito talk about the lack of competitiveness in our school district, and the “need” to introduce more rigor into our curriculum. I hear our BOE members saying the same thing (“Hi, Greg”). So now I want to toss this out for discussion. When folks like Bob and Greg talk like this, I start nodding my head in agreement – what they are saying sure sounds like it makes a lot of sense. But then I think about what is going on around me. I think about how folks have been trying to reform, reshape, remold and redo education for a lot longer than I have been alive. And if our goal is to produce money-making automatons for the corporate empire known as the USA, then yes, I totally agree, let’s bring on the STEM, let’s bring on the rigor.

Am I off my rocker? Am I being too dramatic? I am relatively knew to this sphere – I can spout my opinions left and right. But what do those who have been around the block a few times have to say?