Plaintiff Class seeking extension to Consent Decree

In reference to the News Gazette article:

I have to admit I am getting rather annoyed of this. I have attempted to contact the plaintiff class and talk about their perspective, but have met a brick wall. How is it that they were blindsided by the “economic status” system, and yet I was not? And how is it that the plaintiff class is given free reign to continue making the situation worse, rather than working together? In my attempt to contact them, one of my questions revolves around what they have done to help our community, for I am not seeing the big picture. I do see some small things that are better as a result of attention to racial injustices, but I do not credit the Chicago law firm for that – kudos go to local activist and residents for that. I am extremely confused. Oh, wait, sorry. Instead of saying “the Plaintiff Class,” I wish to target my comments to Ms. Carol Ashley directly. What is wrong with this picture?

Well, I am going to fire off a few emails and I’ll be back.