Champaign PTA Council now on Facebook and Twitter

The Champaign PTA Council recently stepped into social media and can now be found on Facebook and Twitter:


twitter:  (@champaignpta)


From Vice President Sheri Williamson:

Yep. I’ve started working more on the Twitter account and the Facebook page. We’ll be using social media to aid us in promoting the different initiatives we’re working on such as parent workshops and student activity nights.
We hope to get more families following us on social media as we want to also use Facebook and Twitter to talk to parents about all sorts of things… changes they’d like to see, ideas they have, questions, etc. For instance, Dr. Wiegand has agreed to incorporate our idea for a town hall meeting into her Supper with the Superintendent events. We’ll post dates, times, locations for those events as we hear from Unit 4. Parents can then submit questions to via Twitter and Facebook that we can then pass along to Dr. Wiegand to be answered at her next Supper. Questions would be posted as a PTA question, not from any parent in particular. We hope that encourages parents to submit questions and concerns they have.
Lots going on. And we would love to have district parents involved in all of it!

Magnet Schools now on Facebook

My busy gerbils found a relatively new Unit 4 Magnet Schools Facebook page:


Note that the Magnet schools have had their own domain for a little while also:


Nice that they are getting more into posting pictures – I think that helps parents and the community connect a little better.

well this is interesting….


I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. And what they hope to accomplish by having a facebook page for the transportation department.

Recap: Wednesday @ Houlihans, Jan 25th, PTA Tech meeting

Today we were honored to have G David Frye with us (Beth Van, Chuck Jackson and myself). We were not able to move to the point of actually having “Create websites” for action steps because we took a significant diversion.

So here is a question to let your subconscious chew on while you read the rest of this. How do people share ideas and information with each other? You and I probably represent somewhat of a niche in that regards in that I am writing a blog post and several of you are reading it, either via an email subscription, rss feed, google hit or syndication. There are many other forms of communication that we use today.

G David has been involved with Unit 4 on the PTA and tech side for quite some time (going to hit a decade in a couple short years 🙂 ). He gave us Read the rest of this entry »

Champaign Unit 4 on Facebook

Quick aside, here. If you know me at all, you know that the Real Charles Schultz would never advertise Facebook. With that in mind….

Lynn Peisker has set up a Facebook account for Champaign School District 4, and she is doing a great job keeping the updates coming. I am not going to provide the direct link for the District’s facebook page here (yes, I despise FB that much). However, the whole reason I thought this was worthy of a post is that, as of this writing, Facebook allows you to RSS the atom feed! This is awesome – I can now get updates that Lynn posts in FB via my RSS reader. And never have to login to FB. I love it!

If you click on that link, it will look like jumbled up xml. But if you plug it into an RSS Feed Reader, you are golden.