Another email discussion thread about HS siting and the #unit4ref

I sent an initial email to the “Friends of Champaign Schools” and “Keep Central Central” committees, asking that they set up a panel/debate/forum between their two groups. The thread kind of took on a life of its own, and I feel that enough of it is relevant and contains important considerations for the wider audience to chew on, if you feel so inclined to read a little bit. I wish these email tennis matches were in a completely different medium, since email tends to be very tediuous to piece together and make into a nice page.


I also hope that the folks engaged in this email exchange take it to the next level and actually have a public forum of some sort.

Asking the Park District board for Dodds Park

A group of folks, including at least one board member and a board member candidate, will attend the next Park District board meeting and inquire (again) about the possibility of securing a small portion of Dodds Park for the new Central High School. The News-Gazette has run several articles (1, 2, 3, and there are more, including letters-to-the-editor) mentioning that the school district would much prefer Dodds Park if it becomes available, and there are several folks in the community who also favor this site. If you are one of them, I encourage you to make your voice known at this meeting.


The meeting is Wednesday, Jan 14th, 7:00 pm at the Bresnan Meeting Center, 706 Kenwood Road (near Centennial).


Of course, I realize that there are those that think Dodds Park is a horrible location. Nothing stops you from attending the same meeting. 🙂

Jan 5 Special Board meeting

Even though it is two hours long, I encourage you to at least check out the beginning of the video of last night’s BOE meeting:

UPDATE: Public comment starts at 23:10


Nicole Lafond also did an article:


In talking with Kerris, it sounds like the plan that several board members had been working on was, for one reason or another, not highlighted. Chalifoux asked a question about it, but that is about all we hear. Kerris has told me he is going to do a little digging to see what the story is.

NG articles this morning; covering both sides of the referendum

A nice bevy of things to read in today’s paper:


Julie Wurth’s article goes into quite a depth covering both sides of the story, and references a study of which only a few pictures are included in the 6-page PDF, as well as previous studies. The editorial highlights two distinct viewpoints of the $149 million referedum, closing with “Next Sunday, The News-Gazette editorial board will offer its opinion on the Central/Centennial proposal.” I have not yet had the time to digest what both outstanding ladies have said, but I hope to do so later today. In the meantime, I recommend you read these articles as they are excellent windows into differing perspectives.

A report and opinions from the Chamber’s breakfast with the Superintendent

I was openly included on some email exchanges (not blind copied) – I am not sure why, and I am not going to opine at the moment, just put these out there so you can read it.

UPDATE: I created a page for this thread and will update the page as new emails are received. Feel free to bookmark this:


Letter to Dr. Wiegand and the Board from a community citizen

A letter addressed to Dr. Wiegand and the Board was copied to me, so I am adding this to the general ongoing dialog concerning the high school site selection and future facilities:



Three NG articles added to the NG Index

I purchased permission to convert three print-only News-Gazette articles to an electronic format and post here on this blog – all three have been added to the NG Index:

YMCA plans new facility (J. Philip Bloomer – 22 Sep 2002)

Champaign schools net high legal tab (Diane Haag – 06 Oct 2002)

Real results of Unit 4 Schools consent decree (Dr. Mike Woods – 01 Jul 2012)