Facilities Community Meeting (Futures Conference, take 2)

I just happened to be browsing the futurefacilities website (since I have not been receiving updates, and I still haven’t got the RSS figured out – it is wordpress afterall), and lookie what I noticed, a brand-new, surprise community meeting about future facilities.

“There was a good turnout at the Futures Conference on November 1st, but we wanted to provide another opportunity for small group discussion for those who were not able to attend.”

I am really glad they are doing this; even though it is on a Thursday, at least this time it is later in the evening and both food and childcare is being provided. And it is at BTW. Good move.


Since this one is only two hours, I am thinking the “presentation” portion of it is significantly reduced.


For this event, I would love to see those of us who are over-zealous to begin with to start recruiting/encouraging others to go. 🙂 I strongly believe that the Steering Committee needs to hear from a lot of other people over and above those of us they normally hear from. Problem is, I don’t know exactly how to make that happen. While holding another as-yet unadvertised community meeting is a good way to go, I still want to see DeJong hold smaller meetups in various areas in our community (and maybe even one or two in Spanish). This is a good step in the right direction, though. Kudos for that.

WTB: Demolished neighborhood

re: http://www.wicd15.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/wicd_vid_5403.shtml?wap=0


This got me thinking, what would happen if Unit 4 were in cahoots with city planners and fingered this area for a new high school. I would be kicking myself if this option were not considered!


More to follow later tonight.

The High School dilemma: weighing the options

Giving out a shout out to Holly Nelson and her website about the study of what to do with Central. Especially take a look at the “booklet” she has created – very succinct yet also very informative:


I have read bits and pieces of the source document and research as it has accumulated, but have not taken it all in at one reading session, yet. Holly has done a great job exploring the topic and the options from many different angles and has presented as clear and as unbiased a picture as possible.

Now the task is ours to digest this information and figure out what we really want. Sooner or later, Unit 4 is going to send a PE firm asking similar questions, and then followed by a referrendum in which we all get to make a binary choice. The more we cogitate on this now, the better informed we will be and the more fruitful discussion we can have.

PS – Holly is presenting at the June 11th Board meeting.

High School options

Meg Dickinson covered the High School options from the Unit 4 Special Board Meeting last night:



Unit 4 has made available a draft report of Dr. Bob Malito’s brainstorming session on what to do with our High Schools. In the introduction, he says:

This draft report is to develop ideas and open up public discussion on this important topic:

  1. Some possible options are offered for input. We are seeking corrections, additions, and/or ideas on the pros and cons lists.
  2. Allow the Board, staff, parents, and local taxpayers an opportunity to offer reactions/input.
  3. This is an evolving document for the purpose of: discussion and obtaining input


As part of that “public discussion” and seeking input/reactions, they also have a Survey available. The survey has 3 questions for each of the 5 Options, basically, likes, concerns and comments. There is no section to comment on the report overall.


I like that the Unit 4 Board and Administration have put up a survey and are making their draft report publicly available. I still desire a more interactive forum (ie, bulletin-board style forum), or perhaps an encouragement to do the discussion on facebook (ylech, I can only imagine how that would look). I applaud the effort to gather feedback, I just wish it was more palatable. Even the Study Session last night, how much interaction was there? How many people stood up to voice their concerns? I was not able to attend so I have no idea, and the NG does not really tell that side of the story. Were there even community members at the meeting? 🙂


I’ll not offer too much commentary on the report itself until more people have read it. Go form your own opinions first. We can chat more later.