September 14th BOE meeting

For those that missed the September 14th Board meeting, or simply would like to get a refresher, I point out a couple resources:

One of my big take-aways was from a presentation by Dr. Charles L. Tucker III, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Innovation. This past week I contacted Dr. Tucker and asked for a copy of his presentation and his permission to post it online, which he graciously agreed to. Here is his presentation:

Champaign Unit 4 Remarks 091415

What struck me about his delivery was the large number of in-place and ongoing partnerships between the University and the school district – it was actually quite an amazing summary, both in its length and depth, which only highlighted a few opportunities. As Dr. Tucker mentioned, not only are there things going on that Dr. Wiegand might not be aware of, but he seemed pretty confident he did not even have a complete list. As he said, there is plenty of “good stuff” wrapped up in here.

One of the reasons I wish to highlight Dr. Tucker’s presentation is because I have often wondered “we have this really good University sitting in our backyard, how is Unit 4 benefiting from that?” I have heard many others ask similar questions. And this document helps to answer those questions. Moreover, there seems to be a perception that some things are broken (a topic for another post, surely), and thus the whole thing is broken. But perception is not reality. Many things are working well. Maybe not perfect, maybe not like how we expect or even desire.

Our challenge is to celebrate that which is good and constructively address that which is not. And we must do all this together.