Fallon has posted the results of their quantitative phone surveys

From the FutureFacilities website:


Quantitative Research Phone Survey Results 

Fallon Research conducted a quantitative phone survey between December 7th and 12th, 2012. This survey was diagnostic in nature and the focus group results were used in developing the surey instrument.  The sample size was 400 registered voters, and the overall margin of sampling error was +/- 4.9%.  The results of this survey can be downloaded below. The summary file shows the aggregrated results for each question, and the cross-tabulated file breaks down the results for each question by age group, race, parental status, political party registration, voter propensity, zip code, and gender.

Fallon Research will be presenting these findings to the Board on February 25th.

Click here to download the Results Summary
Click here to download the Cross-tabulated Results