School Board changing a bit

Last week the NG reported that Tom Lockman had stepped down from his seat on the board. Yesterday the NG reported that Sue Grey has done likewise.


Obviously this makes things interesting for the board. Due to the laws about filling and appointing seats, the board has to file papers with the Regional Office of Education (ROE – Jane Quinlan’s turf) with some lead time before appointing new members. Now the rest of the board has two vacancies to fill in January, to serve out the rest the remaining 4 months until the April elections. To date, I only know of four people who have publicly made noises about running for the elections in April, two of them are incumbent. So….. that means the other two could potentially express an interest in these vacancies. Will they?


Last week I wrote a letter to the editor urging citizens to make their voices known and get involved in (very) local governing bodies. The school board is one such place where you can speak up. What can your school board do for you? There is a ton of stuff going on in the school district right now; lots of positive things, but also lots of changes in progress. Not everyone likes change. What do you want to see happen?

So you want to be a substitute teacher?

I was challenged to get a substitute teacher’s certificate and then spend a hot summer day on the 3rd floor at a high school. That sounded like a very worthy challenge, so I started looking into what it takes to get a substitute teacher’s certificate. It quickly got rather depressing.

Summary of steps one has to take (assuming one does not have a teacher’s certificate):

  • Application for Certificate 73‐03C
  • Certificate Registration 73‐10
  • Official transcripts from college in original, unopened envelope showing Bachelor’s degree ($8)
  • $115.00 registration fee (for the Champaign-Ford ROE)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Test 90 days or newer (have insurance?)
  • Physician’s Statement of Good Health (ditto)
  • Signed Mandated Reporter Form (no clue whatsoever)
  • Fingerprint Check through the ROE or results from another ROE ($60)

That’s it, easy-peasy, right? Shell out $183 and away you go. Oh, don’t forget Read the rest of this entry »