Terry Townsend’s letter of Complaint to the OCR

A few weeks ago, Reverend Underwood attempted to read Mr. Terry Townsend’s letter of Complaint to the OCR at the June 30th Board Meeting. There was a bit of a fiasco when she requested extra time over and above the 3 minutes normally allotted to public comment (watch the video if you are curious). But in the end, she had 3 minutes to VERY QUICKLY read Terry’s letter. I have finally received an electronic copy, and I think it is worthwhile to read through it.

Original version

Formatted for WordPress


And then afterwards, take a look at Mike Woods guest commentary in the July 1st, 2012 News-Gazette (not available electronically).


This dovetails with the ongoing discussion of suspensions* and how we deal with discipline issues.

* there are currently 30 comments to the Tim Mitchell and Noelle McGee NG article – while some are hard to read (they didn’t say that, really?!?), the overall “dialog” is a look into how some of our local people think.