Basic building blocks of community: trust and relationships

I have been referred to a number of books, research papers and TED Talks in the past couple of months, and I have observed a common lens through which I am viewing most of these resources – the blueprints for how people optimally work with each other.

Since this post is a little long, I’ll give you the cliff note up front (aka, “too long; didn’t read” or tl;dr). If you want things to get better in our community, you gotta put your pride on the shelf and go listen to someone else. You gotta walk in someone else’s shoes for a little while.

Make sure you check out the references before you completely walk away from this post; the TED talks in particular are quite engaging (Mitra, Semler, Sirolli, Varty).

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re-post: “Ted Talk: Shut up and Listen”

Todd Lash retweeted about Ernesto Sirolli’s TED Talk, which tickled a memory. Going through my email, I found that Chuck Jackson had posted about this 1.5 years ago:


I thank Todd for reminding me about this. I ask more people to listen to this TED Talk and see if it is relevant for Champaign, and more specifically, the school district. When I hear this talk, the filter in my brain hears that we need to build relationships, we need to get to know other people, we need to learn what is important to other people.


Please discuss.