Questions for Steven Cobb?

If you have questions you would like the BOE or the Community Search Committee to ask of Steven Cobb, you might want to get them in ASAP.


Some questions I have:

  1. Mr. Steven Cobb has been in the Fort Wayne area since 1987 and has only recently (relatively speaking) stepped into the Assistant Superintendent role. Earlier this year he tried for the Superintendent position in Lee County. What are his motivations? Why does he want to climb to Superintendent?
  2. What about Mr. Steven Cobb makes him more attractive than, for instance, someone with a Ed.D after their name and 4 years of experience as a Superintendent?
  3. Give some examples of thinking “out of the box” in your career.


I would love to hear what the responses are. 🙂


Superintendent Candidate 1: Steven M. Cobb

So here goes a 4-part series looking at each of the candidates to the Superintendent of Unit 4. My goal is to invite discussion on these candidates, and I hope to do so by laying a groundwork of my own thoughts. Which are highly subjective. 🙂 But I hope they contain a measure of objectivity from time to time. But the point is you are free to disagree – I would love to hear your thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »