Houlihans tomorrow (April 10th)

We are going to celebrate and possibly call this our last official weekly Houlihans gathering. We may do more on a sporadic schedule, but after almost three years of meeting, we are backing off.

Come join us for the last hoorah! 🙂

Houlihans today

Yes, I’ll be at Houlihans. Anyone up for talking about candidates? *grin* Any other topic on your mind?




PS – I have a very nice show-n-tell in preparation for the Sunday charrette

houlihans: high school siting pseudo workshop

Tomorrow at 11:30 at Houlihans, we will have a bare-bones mock up of a high school siting workshop (ie, charrette). It’ll be rough – the idea is what we are looking for your input on how to do a real charrette.


To help, I am bringing a 3′ by 3′ color (barely) printout of the school district, all streets (major arteries labelled), and schools (private and public). I will also bring a bunch of pens (and pencils if I can find some around the house).


What you can bring: colored pencils/markers, monopoly hotels/houses (I don’t have any *sad face*) and a wealth of ideas. Also someone willing to take notes and pictures would be helpful.


What I will not have ready: demographic overlays for income levels, population density, etc. I will bring the Dejong Richter packet as a separate document for reference.


The objective: we will figure out 1) what the process of figuring out Central looks like, and maybe even 2) come up with some creative ideas. Just today I ran across someone who had an idea I had never heard before, and I’ll share that at the meeting tomorrow.


This is a trial run to see how it goes. When we get ready for Prime Time(r), we will advertise in the News-Gazette and elsewhere.

Houlihans today @ 11:30

I am hoping to be at Houlihans at 11:30 today, but with a new baby I might be a couple minutes late.


Anyway, I am hoping to start some serious planning for a charrette (workshop) on the high school siting thing-a-ma-bob. Chuck Jackson has some questions and thoughts he wants to throw around about pre-school.


Hope to see you there!

No Houlihans this week



As an appetizer for a future Houlihans-ish gathering, we are planning a workshop or two with large posterboards and tactile things to mark up and move around. 🙂 More to follow.

Houlihans Feb 13: special guest Julian Rappaport

This Wednesday (Feb 13), Julian Rappaport will be joining us at Houlihans. Julian wears many hats; emeritus professor of psychology at the UI, former president of the county board of health, and he serves on the Champaign County Community Justice Task Force, among other things. I have spoken with Julian in the past and have been very impressed with his level-headed ideas and practical suggestions.