#HourOfCode activities around Unit 4

Stephanie Stuart (Unit 4 Director of Communications & Community Relations) has sent out quite a comprehensive list of #HourOfCode activities around the school district.


In celebration of Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13), and as part of the District’s ongoing technology and computational thinking efforts, students around the Champaign Unit 4 School District will be participating in the Hour of Code this week.

The District’s Educational Technology Coaches have coordinated a number of opportunities around this week in addition to their ongoing efforts and support of teachers.

Leading up to #CSEdWeek, students at Westview, Barkstall, and Bottenfield participated in Coding Nights, which invited parents and students alike to code together using the Foos Computer Programming Game. Volunteers from Yahoo and Wolfram were on hand to assist and students. Foos and TCBY sponsored these events, and winners will be helping fellow students to code throughout #CSEdWeek at their campuses.

The Central High School Library will be hosting a week-long event during 6th hour, in which kids can drop in during lunch all week to participate in the Hour of Code.  A programmer from Wolfram will visit this Thursday as a special speaker. In addition to the 6th hour activities, the library will also be open after school every day for coding activities.

At Centennial High School, the library will also serve as an open house location for Hour of Code on Thursday and Friday during 6th hour lunch.

Carrie Busey

*   13 teachers have signed up to participate
*   1 class is going to be special guests to help code at Siebel center’s open house Tuesday night
*   5 classes are working with buddy classes – student leaders older students supporting younger in coding efforts
*   Enrichment classes all coding
*   Enrichment classes hung advertisements around the building to get the school excited about coding.

Dr. Howard

*   All 5th Grade classes in library 30 minutes with Wolfram special guest
*   Kindergarten – 5th grade Classroom teachers have hour of code times blocked off in their schedule this week

Garden Hills

*   Kindergarten – 5th grade Classroom teachers have hour of code times blocked off in their schedule this week


*   Regular Coding Times – Special Activity – Coding a Computer Game – Products of Coding Experience on display at the mall 12/12 for community members to try out the Kenwood Games- and learn about CS/CT.
*   Some neat Unplugged activities are planned in addition to their regularly scheduled coding times during the week.
*   All library classes will be coding this week.
*   Maa and Meyer are hosting Code with Kid events. Parents are invited to come in the afternoon to code with their children.
*   Coding/ Computational Thinking practices embedded especially in Language Arts this week as well.
*   A small group of students went to code with the Mayor of Champaign Monday morning.


*   Allison Archer and Mary Anne Jusko will be working with 1st grade in the library working with all 1st grade students.
*   Enrichment is supporting 40 minutes of coding with kindergarten and grades 2-5, co-teaching with classroom teachers.
*   Wolfram special guest for 5 classes in grades 3-5.

South Side

*   All grade levels in Library for 30 minutes.
*   Kindergarten whole class Coding puzzles for Number Talks in math on the Smartboard.
*   Fourth grade has done Code.org in the math rotation.
*   Music is coding activities.

There are many more coding activities taking place around the District this week. Please contact the Educational Technology Director David Hohman (hohmanda@champaignschools.org) for more info.

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