Bids and RFPs

The Unit 4 webmaster has kindly added an RSS feed for Bids and RFPs (woot!):

Two current bids are up:


I skimmed through the Student Assignment Plan RFP and was not satisfied; I am indeed glad that they removed much of the language about “educational law”, but still the RFP does nothing to outline the project (what does the software actually do??). I am not even sure if I should hope that Unit 4 has reached out to local companies.


I heard from several folks that Board President Laurie Bonnett mentioned Controlled Choice at the July 15th board candidate interviews, and that Unit 4 may try to do something in-house. The audio of the July 15th meeting is not yet available, so I cannot confirm this (yet), but I will follow-up with Stephanie Stuart and Ms. Bonnett.

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    […] expressed a desire to discuss Policy 705.09 (blog posts 1 and 2) as well as the Choice RFP *(blog post). Anything else from you […]

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