New Board member: John Bambenek

John Bambenek has been chosen to fill Scott MacAdam’s seat on the board.

I’ll be adding another post about my own thoughts in the near future. I have emailed John a few questions and hopefully will hear back soon. 🙂



The interview is now posted on Vimeo:

Board Candidate interviews tonight WILL NOT be on CGTV 5 live

Apparently, CGTV 5 has a conflict for live streaming tonight, and the Unit 4 Board Candidate interviews did not come out on top. To catch the interviews, you can wait anxiously as David Hohman rushes to get it on Vimeo, or catch it on CGTV some other day.

Also, I am sure the NG, Twitter, Facebook and other “outlets” will be broadcasting their versions. So no worries there. 🙂


•             John Bambenek

•             Azark Cobbs

•             G. David Frye

•             Chuck Jackson

•             Mike Somers

•             Jonathan Westfield